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No White Coats, No Judgement

Welcome to Dental Arts on Essex, where patients in all walks of life enjoy a wide range of personalized dental services, all under one roof in a warm, fun, and inviting environment. Whether it’s our relaxing, comfortable office, our team’s infectious energy, our highly-skilled doctors, or our cutting-edge technology, we will change the way you feel about dentistry.

Advanced Technology

Staying at the forefront of dentistry means we can provide the highest quality and most comfortable dentistry for our patients.

Compassionate Team

Every single member of our office will make you feel like you are family and ensure you feel heard and cared for.

Experienced Dentistry

Our doctors, hygienists, and assistants are all committed to lifelong learning to ensure you receive the most comprehensive care.
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We Love New Patients

At Dental Arts on Essex, we are certain your experience will be unlike any other you’ve had at a dental office before. From the moment you’re welcomed by our wonderful team, to the moment you leave with a healthy, confident smile, we know you’ll feel empowered to continue as a team player in your overall wellness, and happy that you found us. Here, you should feel like family.

Our History

Dr. Hannah Noyes and Dr. Madeline Niziak met during their time at Tufts Dental School together. Given their last initials, they were seated near each other during their preclinical studies. From early on, they connected in their philosophies and decided to plan on opening or owning a practice together in Massachusetts. Connecting with Dr. Hjorth [Hjorth Dental Group], however, was an unforeseen gift.

Dr. Hjorth has been not only serving the dental needs for individuals on the North Shore since 1987, but has been impressing his patients for years with his commitment to cutting-edge dentistry and truly listening to his patients. All three doctors will all tell you that within the first five minutes of meeting each other, they immediately felt it was the “perfect fit”. Many say, “Put 15 dentists in a room together and you will get 51 different opinions.” Meaning, it is very rare that you have dentists on the same page, especially when they have no known commonalities amongst each other. However, Drs. Noyes, Niziak, and Hjorth will tell you that from day one together, their similaries in philosophy, personality, and touch, were something to be grateful for when it comes to a dentist in Peabody, MA.

Dental Arts on Essex - dentist,peabody,MA

You Belong Here

From the moment you’re welcomed by our team, to the moment you leave with a healthy, confident smile, we know you’ll feel empowered to continue as a team player in your overall wellness, and happy that you found us.
Dental Arts on Essex - dentist,peabody,MA

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Hannah Noyes

Dr. Noyes’ approach to dentistry is to provide her patients with the most comprehensive, individually-tailored care that she can offer with a gentle, caring touch. She feels passionate about providing high-quality, long-lasting treatment and has a keen eye for detail. Because of this, Dr. Noyes loves taking the time to understand her patients’ goals, educate them, and identify the root cause of any potential problems.

Dr. Madeline Niziak

Dr. Madeline Niziak (“Dr. N”) grew up in Needham, MA and aspired to be a dentist from a young age. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from the Commonwealth Honors College at UMass Amherst, graduating with Cum Laude Latin Honors. Dr. N then embarked on her dental career as a dental assistant in general dentistry and periodontics, gaining experience in family and cosmetic dentistry, periodontal surgeries, and implant dentistry.

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Dental Arts on Essex - dentist,peabody,MA

We Do Dental Differently

We know you have a lot of options when looking for a new dentist and want to feel great about your decision. We also know that change is never easy, so you want to be sure you are choosing the right fit for you. There are a few things that we, at Dental Arts on Essex, stand by and feel are the backbone of our practice.

No Judgement Zone

You’ll feel like family with us

All under one roof

Preventative and Pro-active focus

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