Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive Dentistry

What to Expect

1-1.5 hours

At Dental Arts on Essex, we begin every new patient appointment with a comprehensive examination, which entails a full set of radiographs, dental exam, gum (periodontal) exam, oral cancer screening, and sometimes photographs. This allows our team to get the best picture of your dental state and overall health, and therefore allows us to come up with the best plan for YOU.

In some cases, we are able to schedule your dental cleaning in the same visit with one of our awesome hygienists. In other cases, depending on our findings, we may recommend you return for more in-depth periodontal treatment.

Generally, the first line of treatment for periodontal disease (gum disease) is non-surgical scaling and root planing. This procedure entails removing harmful deposits from below the gumline where you cannot reach at home, which in turn allows the gums to re-adhere to the tooth and become healthier again. After this procedure, we usually recommend seeing you three to four times per year for more in-depth cleaning visits. Your first comprehensive exam appointment will aid in determining if this line of treatment is the best fit or you.

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