Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Coming to terms with losing a tooth can be a very traumatic experience. Teeth are a huge part of our bodies, after all! If one of our doctors has discussed tooth removal with you, please rest assured that our team will go to lengths to assure you feel prepared for your visit and comfortable well-beyond the end of your visit with us.

Depending on the area of tooth loss, removing a tooth without replacing it can also cause a cascade of consequential problems including shifting of the teeth and significant loss in chewing ability. In order to avoid these complications, our doctors will present you with several options to replace the extracted tooth or teeth.

Video of tooth shifting after tooth loss

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What to expect:

Prior to your appointment, one of our doctors may prescribe you antibiotics if you already have an infection present, or if you are at higher risk for infection or slower healing. If we have prescribed you an antibiotic (whether before or after your appointment), it is extremely important that you finish the entire course of antibiotics. Stopping the medication early can cause bacterial-resistance, which means that if you are to need the same antibiotic in the future, it may not work!

If you are anxious or nervous for your extraction, please do not be shy and discuss this with our doctors. Our top priority is to make sure you feel at ease during your entire experience.

When you arrive for your extraction visit, your doctor will numb the tooth and surrounding areas with local anesthetic. During the tooth removal process, you will feel lots of pressure. At no point should you feel any pain whatsoever. By pushing and rocking the tooth, the ligaments around it will loosen over time, making it easier to open the socket and remove the tooth.

In some cases, especially if we are preparing ahead of time for a future dental implant, we will recommend a bone graft at the time of your extraction. Bone grafting helps to preserve thick, healthy bone, which in-turn makes the placement of a dental implant more predictable.

Post-Operative Instruction Video

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